Federal and Sindh govts to restore Lyari, Malir rivers under Karachi Transformation Plan

KARACHI: The Federal and Sindh governments have announced plans to restore the Lyari and Malir rivers, along with the tributaries in a project worth Rs8 billion, under the Karachi Transformation Plan.

The restoration and revamping of Lyari & Malir Rivers with associated tributaries will be undertaken by the Federal and Sindh governments at the cost of Rs8 billion.

Affirmed by the federal government, the project is a part of the bigger Karachi Transformation Plan to face-lift and upgrade the civic infrastructure in Karachi. It has been approved by the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) recently.

According to the official documents, it will be accomplished in 6 – 12 months subject to climate changes, the release of funds and the elimination of intrusions.

Due to heavy rains observed in the monsoon of 2020, several districts and areas including Lyari and Malir were affected.

Keeping in mind the circumstances, the Karachi Transformation Plan worth Rs739 billion was put forward and approved by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) in a meeting held in December 2020. The plan was further ratified by the federal cabinet.

Under the chairmanship of Sindh CM with the representation of the federal government, the Provincial Coordination and Implementation Committee (PCIC) was established. The PCIC in its fourth meeting endorsed the Karachi Transformation Plan worth Rs1.14 trillion.

Restoration of drains is one of the components of the Karachi Transformation Plan worth Rs165 billion aimed to mitigate the effects of flooding through the cleaning of 44 nullahs and two rivers (Malir and Lyari).

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